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Fertility Tests For Men And Women

Men and women all want to be able to produce an offspring that they can love and take care of. It is a biological and natural behavior of men and women. Men are biologically designed to produce and produce whereas for women, there is only a limited number of eggs and time for them to be able to produce.


Men can still impregnate a women even in old age, although the quality of sperm may be reduced, he still can. Women only have about 400 eggs and one is released every month. By the time she reaches the age of 40 and above, she might have a more difficult time to conceive a child.


There are fertility tests out there to determine how fertile a man or a woman can get in order to produce an offspring. If you want t get a deeper knowledge and understanding of your own fertility, you must visit a fertility clinic and consult with a doctor who specializes in fertility.


Men and women are biologically different and the woman’s body is designed to handle a growing fetus and an eventual childbirth after 9 months of waiting. Men have the luxury of only providing the sperm. They are not the one who will be carrying the fetus for 9 months.


At the fertility clinic, women may undergo several basic tests such as an ultrasound to be able to determine the shape and position of the ovaries and the uterus. Blood will have to be withdrawn from the woman in order to check the hormones in her body that are specifically responsible for ovulation and other bodily functions. These include luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and progesterone. A rubella and chlamydia test may also be performed.


The basic test for men is the semen test in order to determine the quantity and quality of his sperm. He will be asked to provide a sample through masturbation to harvest the seed into a cup so that the semen and its sperm can be analyzed by laboratory scientists.


If the results reveal that the sperm count is low, the man will be asked to return within a 3 month period so that his semen can be tested again. Clinics will usually not make a diagnosis on a single semen test. The quantity and quality of sperm may vary depending on the time the semen was harvested.


If you want to know more about fertility, you can check out your local clinic to get yourself tested.


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